CBRNe Summit Europe 2018 – Roma

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CBRNe Summit Europe 2018 – Roma

CBRNe Summit Europe è alla sua quinta edizione e tornerà a Roma, in Italia, dal 17 al 19 Aprile 2018 presso l’hotel NH COLLECTION Vittorio Veneto, Corso d’Italia 1 Roma: durante l’evento verranno valutati gli sviluppi delle capacità CBRNe in tutta Europa. L’evento si concentrerà su molti aspetti del CBRNe per fornire una panoramica completa delle sfide affrontate dai nostri primi soccorritori, i servizi di emergenza e militari nel rispondere ai nuovi attacchi di stile nelle nostre città urbane. In particolare il summit si concentrerà sui seguenti argomenti durante la conferenza di due giorni; Capacità e sfide CBRNe italiane, minacce CBRNe marittime, sviluppo contromisura Chem-Bio, CBRNe Forense, contrasto agli IED, sicurezza negli spazi pubblici – Aumento delle minacce CBRNe e cooperazione militare-civile CBRNe Response.

Parteciperemo a CBRNe Summit Europe insieme ai nostri partner internazionali (Argon, BBI, Inficon, Symetrica) con una piccola postazione all’interno del congresso.

CBRNe Summit Europe 2018

Inoltre il nostro partner Scott Cullimore di Symetrica terrà uno speech dal titolo:

The impact of real-time Reach back on Operational CBRNe Radiological Detection and Identification


Punti chiave dello speech:

The impact of real-time reach back on:

  • Response & Operational use
  • Decision Making
  • Training & Cost of Ownership

Highlights in these areas to be presented include

  • Working in a dynamic radiological fields during an event


This talk will discuss how real time reach back helps ease the challenges of operating in a dynamic radiological fields. Real time reach back relies on high fidelity radiological data being delivered over effective communication capabilities. With these new instruments in the hands of users, the operational risk and equipment capability can be assessed continually impacting how they are used, what decisions can be made and even how instruments are maintained between use.



scott cullimoreScott Cullimore is Symetrica Regional Sales Director who works with security professionals and first responders to tackle potential radiological threats within real world operational environments. After nearly a decade in the security industry for multinational organizations, Scott believes that a partnership approach to providing solutions and understanding client operational needs can have a positive impact upon improving both security and operational efficiencies. Scott has supported clients around world providing security solutions to Major Events Such as London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Brazil Confederations Cup 2013, Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games as well as being part of the team that provided solutions to clients such as  DHL, FedEx, Her Majesty’s Prison Service and the UK Home Office.






Qui trovi la lista delle aziende espositrici al congresso.

Contattaci per qualsiasi necessità: pollution@pollution.it